SAC DevCon in Amsterdam

I will be in Amsterdam for two days beginning 26th of May for this year’s first SAC DevCon. It is the the seventh in a now long standing series of workshops themed around recent advances in the SAC project. Although the workshop is by invitation only, just drop me or this year’s workshop chair an email if you are interested to join.

MMMR in Cambridge

I have the great pleasure to give a talk at the Memory Management and Managed Runtimes workshop 2010 in Cambridge. I will be talking about recent ideas we had in the context of garbage collection via reference counting on massively parallel architectures. This is part of my work in the Apple-CORE project on auto-parallelisation for the Microgrid many-core architecture. However, I believe that our ideas apply in a wider context, as well. The title of the talk is

Asynchronous Distributed Reference Counting

and an abstract is available online. I hope to get some feedback on our ideas. So if you are into concurrent garbage collection, do come by!

PLDI 2010

I will be attending PLDI this year. This is exiting in its own right, however, as a plus it gives me the pleasure to visit the SAC group’s Canadian outpost over at Snake Island Research. After last year’s successful SAC on the Train, it is time to catch up again and work some more on symbiotic expressions and their exploitation for program optimisation.

As usual, if you plan to go to PLDI or are in or around Toronto from the 4th to 12th of June this year, drop me a note.