River Trail @ HotPar 2012

I will be presenting a paper on River Trail at this year’s HotPar workshop in Berkeley, CA. It is titled Parallel Programming for the Web and focusses more on the motivation we had to create River Trail and the design choices we have made in the process. Of course, there are some performance numbers to be seen, too.

I have the early morning spot on the first day. If you are at HotPar, too, and are up for a chat, just grab me any time thereafter. I am always in the mood to discuss parallel programming issues.

Hope to see you there!

JSConf 2012 Arizona

I had the great pleasure to speak at this year’s JSConf in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona about my work on River Trail. All presentations were recorded and have recently been posted online. Below is mine. The cowboy hat is my tribute to JSConf’s theme. Enjoy!