SAC/S-Net Workshop

We will be running a workshop on programming in SaC and S-Net from the 14th - 16th of April. Here is an excerpt from the announcement:

I may have told some of you already that we are running an S-Net/SaC workshop at Hertfordshire on the 14-16 April with the following preliminary agenda:

  1. A day on SaC: introduction, the language, the programming tools and some examples.

  2. A day on SNet: introduction, the language, the philosophy and practice, the programming tools and examples.

  3. Application development under guidance.

The idea of the workshop is to train programmers to use S-Net, and for them to have a chance to develop a small application while having experts on hand. SaC training is included as SaC appears to be a very useful box language. However, we can equally well help people to write box code in C but be prepared for a rather unwieldy interface with S-Net.

If you are interested in some hands-on experience of SaC and/or S-Net, why not come along? See the event’s website for further details on how to register.

STRI Showcase Event

The Science and Technology Research Institute of the University of Hertfordshire is holding a showcase event from the 5th to 7th of March. I will be around to present a poster I have done jointly with Frank Penczek:

From Solo to Symphony: A Unified Paradigm to Program Single-, Multi-, and Many-Core Architectures in an Increasingly Ubiquitous Computing-Environment.

The accompanying talk will be on the 6th at 4pm in room R141 at the de Havilland Campus.