SAC/S-Net Workshop

We will be running a workshop on programming in SaC and S-Net from the 14th - 16th of April. Here is an excerpt from the announcement:

I may have told some of you already that we are running an S-Net/SaC workshop at Hertfordshire on the 14-16 April with the following preliminary agenda:

  1. A day on SaC: introduction, the language, the programming tools and some examples.

  2. A day on SNet: introduction, the language, the philosophy and practice, the programming tools and examples.

  3. Application development under guidance.

The idea of the workshop is to train programmers to use S-Net, and for them to have a chance to develop a small application while having experts on hand. SaC training is included as SaC appears to be a very useful box language. However, we can equally well help people to write box code in C but be prepared for a rather unwieldy interface with S-Net.

If you are interested in some hands-on experience of SaC and/or S-Net, why not come along? See the event’s website for further details on how to register.