CPC 2010

I will be at CPC 2010 (15th Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computing) in Vienna beginning 7th of June. The paper I will present is titled

Thread-Local Stacks, a Light-Weight Alternative to Thread-Local Heaps.

It is a result of my work in the Apple-CORE project, in particular on programming the many-core Microgrid architecture. I am currently focussing on making implicit memory management work in such a setting and thread-local stacks are one steps towards that goal.

Another line of research I was involved with is Tim van Deurzen’s Bachelor’s thesis on dynamic runtime adaption of shape generic programs. The paper that describes his work is titled

An Adaptive Compilation Framework for Generic Data-Parallel Array Programming.

Clemens Grelck, his supervisor at the University of Amsterdam, will give the corresponding talk.

As always, if you are in or around Vienna, give me a shout so we can meet.